The Bombastics are pros in terms of humour. That’s why they are sure to to strike the right note in all business events. Casually and by the way or as a dazzling highlight: The Bombastics never stay unnoticed. And within the blink of an eye your event turns into a captivating experience.

Sensible for the amount of fun an audience can cope with, they create an unforgettable atmosphere. Take the groovy beat of „Minnie the Mootcher“: While the song swings irresistibly into the hearts, Männlein encourages the audience to sing along. Strangeman does the basic beat – Yeah! –  and Dörych performs the tap-dance.

A show that honors the host as it marvellously enchants the guests. With clownish brilliance, with humorous compositions, musical poetry and enthusiastic beat. Bold enough to escape with. Intense enough to be an experience that stays. For your guests and for your business.


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Fotos 1+3: GvO Media www.gvo-media.de, Foto 2: Jürgen Diemer www.juergendiemer.de